Oh look how I fell off the face of Tumblr. So that bronchitis? Turned into pnuemonia, and that was hell while it lasted. And because the fun never stops, just, JUST, the same week my cough was finally dying down, I caught something else. I can’t tell if whatever this is is dying down or morphing into something else. Oh and Mr. Furious is sick, too. At least Mini-Furious was only sick for about three days. That kid seriously has some kind of healing factor.

I’ve missed derby. I’ve missed bellydance. I’m only taking one dance class this session because I’m afraid more than one will just take all of my energy. Work has totally fallen by the wayside, and it would be a shocking turn of events if I get offered a contract for next term. My co-editor even mentioned pushing our upcoming issue back a week or so if I need more time for edits. No. No. No. NO. I’m going to haul my sneezing plague riddled body out to skate this weekend. I’m not missing another dance class. Work… okay there’s nothing I can do there but not let the term end in any more flames than it’s supposed to. And we are going to press on time, dammit. And then I might die.

Mini-Furious starts her classes this week: swim and gymnastics. She is high energy and sort of accident prone. Gymnastics will either help with this or she will break something. Time will tell. She is extremely cautious until she realizes that something will not kill her. Then it’s common sense out the window and give it her all. She says she wants to do roller derby when she gets bigger. If it weren’t for the padding we wear, this would be terrifying. Instead, it’s moderately scary.