The walk to the Y is not a long one, but it’s insanely humid out there. Mini Furious had her sports class this morning, and Mr. Furious has the car at work. So we walked. It’s about a city block, but there’s a bit of stair climbing along the way. By the time we got there, we were both pretty sweaty. I was so hot that the heat coming off my face kept fogging up my glasses when we got inside. Oh yeah. Sexy. I thought about hitting the walking track that goes around the upper level of the gym, but I decided to just sit and watching Mini play. She’s my kid, alright. Short and slow. Well, the slow might be more to do with the fact that her legs are a LOT shorter than most of the other kids. She looks about a year younger than she is. But she sure tries out there. Best of all, she’s just having fun.

Anyway, thankfully it was beginning to rain when we walked outside. I thought about waiting it out, but decided it would only be more miserable once the rain stopped. We got a bit soaked from the rain, but nowhere near as overheated as we were getting earlier. After lunch and rehydration, I cleaned the living room up. (Thanks, Unfuck Your Habitat! It only took 20 minutes to do the basics.) Then, since I have a nice clean floor now, I did my physical therapy stuff for my knees. Then, since I was on the floor anyway, I did some crunches and push-ups. I feel like I could keep going, but I’ve got belly dance tonight, and I may hit derby practice as well. It’s a pain, because they’re on the opposite ends of town, and derby is at 7 and dance is at 8:15. I feel like I’d just be getting my gear on when I’d need to leave for dance. I’ve been lousy about getting up on skates, and I really need to do something about it. There’s a tennis court nearby, I’m thinking I need to go abuse it as skate space on evenings when we don’t have practice.