About Me

Moxie Furious is a hold over from my time with the Mankato Area Derby Girls. In the derby world the phrase “Roller derby saved my soul” is pretty common for a good reason. Derby is a time sucking monster that gave me a supportive community when I needed one most. So I’m keeping the name. I’m a South Texas girl, but academia keeps my husband and me on the move. Hopefully, we’re settled down for a few years now, though. We have a young daughter who is growing up too fast and four cats. We’re moving from one of the fast growing places in the country, a burgeoning metroplex with a population of about half a million, to a small town of about 6,000. There are literally no stores that carry my size in clothing. It’s going to be an adventure.

When Im not blogging here, I talk about Gilmore Girls and other things at Insert Snarky Title Here.