Whoops. The problem with blogging about life is that sometimes you get so busy with the life part that you forget the blogging part. Also, I do have  a tumblr and a facebook, and so I post bits and pieces there on the fly without thinking of putting them here.

Where to start. Mini Furious started school and loved it. But it wasn’t challenging enough. She reads on a first to second grade level. Her math skills are, I would guess, early first grade. She was stuck learning her alphabet and numbers. We talked to her teacher a couple of times, but nothing seemed to be changing. She was bored and kept asking for harder homework. She came home with a bracelet with a cross on it from her teacher’s incentive box. Then she came home and told us we should thank God and Jesus every day. This is ostensibly a public school, and we aren’t christian. This did not go over well with us. Then came several days in a row of multiple accidents, which we finally found out were a byproduct of a combo of bladder infection and not being encouraged/allowed to go to the bathroom often enough. So we asked if she would like to be homeschooled for the rest of the semester. She didn’t even hesitate when she said yes. She’ll be starting up with a Montessori school in the spring, though. She’s already spent a day there as part of the application process, and is very excited about it. I think that it will be an envrironment much more conducive to her learning style and natural uhm… leadership skills. She is excited about taking her lunch to school every day, rather than eating in a cafeteria.

Mr. Furious is digging his job, though he’s interviewed for another that will take him from Manager Furious to Professor Furious. It’s in a fairly isolated place, though. He’s applied for another in our favorite city, but it will probably be a while until he hears from them. Either way, we are hoping to be moving again in July/August.

I’ve been job hunting, and finally have landed a freelance job creating web content. It’s still in the paperwork phase, but I should be starting properly later this week. This will be interesting, since a chunk of my in-laws will be in town for Thanksgiving. After my in-laws leave, I have a few days before my mom comes into town for an extended visit. In light of all of this, I am cleaning the house like a madperson and finally getting the last bits of unpacking done. And I’m trying to get into a regular blogging groove. This year is going out with a bang, and I feel like next year has some rather large things in store. I definitely have some large things planned for next year, at any rate.


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