I’m sort of bored. Mini Furious is playing games on Nick Jr. until her bedtime in 20 minutes. The husband has been at school most of the afternoon/all evening due to studying for comps/writing cues/going to rehersal. Conveniently, he’ll be home just after MIni is in bed. And so I figured perhaps I would post something, since I haven’t in a while.

In derby news, we held our first home bout ever. We needed to sell 400 tickets to break even. We pre-sold 600, and so expected maybe 800 people, and were ecstatic about that. We wound up selling 1600 tickets. It was the largest walk-up crowd the civic center has seen for anything ever. We started the bout 10 minutes late just to give the box office a chance to get through the line. The very, very long line. It was so amazing. We NSOs didn’t quite have it together right at the beginning, but we got there. One of our skaters fell and broke her ankle about midway through the first half. We all took a knee while the EMTs checked her out, and my heart just dropped when I saw one of them call for the body board. She’s had surgery and is on the mend. She’ll be back on the track and kicking butt in no time. Well, next season anyway.

I’ve wussed out on freshmeat. I have a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that my lungs are utter crap anymore. The slightest exertion sets off my wheezing. We’re leaving in July. I’m out of town for the last two weeks of it. But it all comes down to I am a wuss and we have had a LOT of injuries lately and I live on the second floor and the idea of stairs and crutches is so not my thing. So I’m an NSO, and I guess I’m okay with it. I like NSOing. I’m good at it. I am not good at skating. Coordination is not my strong suit, and I can manage being up on skates, but I’m not sure I’d ever pass the skills test. A lot of it just seems like magic to me. Like… you can make your body do that? Witchcraft.

I’ve been lousy about making it to bellydance. I freaking love it, and just can’t make it happen lately. Again with the breathing, for one thing. We’ve got a recital in June and I am just sitting here going… oh I am not ready. The dances have all flown out of my head. Walking hip circles are still my worst enemy. But I am going to suck it up and make it work. I’m not failing at dance the way I have at skating. (And right now fresh meat is at the same time as dance, which is my other totally valid reason for not doing fresh meat.)

Beyond all of that, it’s job hunting season for the academics of the world. No clue when I’ll find out about anything I’ve applied for. Our lease is up at the end of July. So basically if we get to that point and haven’t heard anything… I have no clue. Part of me wants to say screw it and pick a city. But the responsible part of me says that moving is expensive and that is definitely not the way to go. But I can’t do another Minnesota winter. Can’t. Shan’t. Won’t. For frak’s sake, we’re still doing this year’s winter! Not again. Never again.

Oh look bed time.


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