Catching Up

I’m not super great at blogging regularly. That’s something I’d like to get better at. I was sick, then I was in Texas, then I was sick again, then we were in New Mexico, and then we were back and things have been, as always, nuts.

The latest is that the spring semester has started up. Thankfully, it’s Mr. Furious’s last. We’ll be on the job market… now. We’re on the job market now. We’ve found openings for both of us at a school in a place we’d like to be. That’s just like magic. So we’re applying and keeping our fingers crossed. The hardest thing, for me, won’t be leaving Minnesota, not by a long shot. But leaving the league? That is painful. Making friends here has been pretty rough, and now I suddenly have this group of amazing women (and some dudes) and leaving them is just not something I want to even think about.

Mini Furious has started junior roller derby. She’s four (and a half now), so it’s pretty junior. Her first practice was this week, and she had fun. There was much falling, but she got up every single time. Her two mantras are “Be Derby Tough” and “Derby Girls don’t give up.” I’m so proud I could burst.

Of course, I have given up, to an extent. I haven’t been skating. I feel lousy about it, but I haven’t been. I’m so far behind everyone I just feel like I’m taking up space. Right now, my attention is more on administrative stuff and NSOing. Which are totally valid and useful things for the league… but they aren’t skating. I feel like calling myself a derby girl is a lie.


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