Fucking ninja bronchitis came out of nowhere and knocked me for a loop. I had a sore throat, and a hell of tension headache. But I made it through our fundraiser last weekend. Was it only last weekend? The weekend before? What day is it now? But once our (incredibly amazingly successful) fundraiser was done, so was I. Breathing was a no go. I was coughing like crazy. My lungs were making a most horrid crackling noise. Finally, Mr. Furious forced me to urgent care. Since I felt on the verge of an asthma attack for about two days straight, it wasn’t much of a fight. I’ve got an inhaler, and I just finished the course of steroids. Everything seems to be getting better, but so slowly it’s painful. My lungs aren’t crackling anymore, but if I so much as bend over, it’s coughing fit. Going up and down the stairs today was just terrible. The coughing is ridiculous. One fit was so bad, it made my csection scar hurt. I’m thinking if I’m not 100% next week, I may follow up with my doctor. At least it wasn’t whooping cough, because apparently that shit is making the rounds.

Mini-Furious went to a bellydance class with me yesterday. She really dug it, but I would have been on my ass if it hadn’t been so low key.

The worst bit is how antsy this has left me feeling. Physical therapy for my knees? Coughing fit. Slowed down run through of bellydance routine? Coughing fit. Thinking about derby straight up makes my lungs hurt. I am so frustrated. I’m starting from behind to begin with. I may be healthy, but I am not strong. Getting knocked on my ass for two weeks? Is putting me even further behind. I’m scared I will never catch up. I’m scared I don’t have the drive. But I want to move. I want to skate. I want to be out there cheering my heart out for my team, even if I don’t pass my minimum skills. I will head up a posse of jeerleaders if I have to, but I will be out there and I will be a part of this.


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